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Dar es salaam - Tanzania

Welcome to KTO

Who are we?

Karibu Tanzania Organization (‘KTO’)is a national level Non-Governmental Organization working as an umbrella organization for the Folk Development Colleges(‘FDCs’) in Tanzania.

KTO was established 1990 as a result of cooperation between Tanzania and Sweden through Folk Development Colleges in Tanzania and Swedish Folk High Schools. KTO is working with all 55 FDCs in Tanzania. Together with the FDCs, KTO has along experience of folk education, adult learning, pedagogical work, rural development and have been providing training for young adults all over Tanzania.

Our Vision

To help to create well-informed, socio-economically empowered, active citizens in a just and sustainable Tanzanian society.

Our Mission

To contribute to the socio-economic advancement of Tanzanian society through folk and adult education at the Folk Development Colleges as a way to encourage progressive communities, citizen engagement, democratic practices, gender equality, and sustainable development.


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