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Iringa - Tanzania

Karibu Tanzania Organization

Our Brochure


Iringa - Tanzania

Welcome to KTO

Who are we?

Karibu Tanzania Association (KTO) is an umbrella organization of which all of the 55 Folk Development Colleges (FDCs) throughout the country of Tanzania are members. KTO’s role is to strengthen the FDCs in order for them to be able to fulfill their role in promoting adult education, folk education and community development.

Our Vision

To help to create well-informed, socio-economically empowered, active citizens in a just and sustainable Tanzanian society.

Our Mission

To contribute to the socio-economic advancement of Tanzanian society through folk and adult education at the Folk Development Colleges as a way to encourage progressive communities, citizen engagement, democratic practices, gender equality, and sustainable development.

Working everyday for the people that matter.

No global movement springs from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big. Together, we work hard on transformation of academic libraries into community resource and information centers.


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