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Dar es salaam - Tanzania

Folk & Adult Education

Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 is a holistic approach for sustainable development, ecologically, socially and economically. It has a global legitimacy and can be a momentum for the right to education for adults and gender equality. Every one of the 17 Goals contains explicitly or implicitly adult learning targets; so that every development sector (health, agriculture, gender, poverty, finance, environment, etc.) will need to find adult learning partners to help them fulfil their goals rather than try to provide their own adult learning activities. The FDCs, scattered throughout Tanzania, often in unexpected locations, and with substantial assets (e.g. their sites) are uniquely placed to offer such partnerships nationwide: They can provide across the country sites and partnerships for the implementation of the SDGs.

KTO´s approach is to work on a local, National and International level. KTO is an active member in International Council for Adult Education (‘ICAE’) and through ICAE the organization intends to strengthen the regional and national network collaboration in the field of Adult and Folk education.