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Dar es salaam - Tanzania

Expanded access to Pre-primary and ECD training

KTO is planning to expand access to quality pre-primary teacher training through Folk Development Colleges (FDCs). In collaboration with teaching Colleges KTO will incorporate pre-primary teacher training and development of day-care and pre-primary services for FDCs participants and other community members. By integrating the pre-primary teacher course and build out information resources and daycare centres at the FDCs,  new professionals trained at  different FDCs will enter the ECD sector and be placed in relevant jobs in the local communities. Additionally, FDCs will host ECD resource centres that will provide annual information activities and upgrade  model daycares for communities. KTO is collaborating with Stichting Aflatoun International in the development of the program. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) has identified the Folk Development Colleges as possible conduits for helping to fill the gap for non-formal education and support for pre-primary education teacher training. KTO works in close collaboration with MoEST to develop the program.